"Our mission is to bring the confidence, empowerment and overall wellbeing we see in our clients, when they feel fitter and stronger, to as many people as possible."  Ben Mills, Founder 


We've been helping people get fitter for over 10 years now. We've built some amazing relationships with our clients and have a great time doing it. What we love most is seeing the confidence, empowerment and overall wellbeing that feeling fitter and stronger brings to our clients. 

But for many people the journey to fitness is still too daunting. The old ways of working-out focus on hard work, hours in the gym and strict diets to achieve short term results. Add to that going it alone and it's easy to see why so many people never get started.

What we do is different. We've seen that the best results are always achieved when you enjoy every work-out along the way. At Y R D 1 we've totally changed the way our customers look at training through immersive classes.


From our studio to our classes to our soundtracks, every inch is designed so you can switch off from the outside world and focus only on your workout with a group vibe bringing the extra energy you need to get over line.

All you need to do is show up. We'll have you 'showing out' in no time.  



Ben Mills


Ben is a certified personal trainer and has been helping clients on their fitness journeys for over 10 years. He is also the mind behind Y R D 1 ,which is the embodiment of everything he loves most in life, fitness, boxing, music, style and energy. 


Cleo Symes


Cleo has always loved to dance. Her journey studying dance with the BRIT School and then the Arts University Bournemouth has given her the opportunity to perform in cities around the world. Her passion for dance is the foundation for all of her rides and she now performs on the Y R D 1 stage day in day out. 


Janie Morgan 


Janie was always that kid who couldn"t keep still and always  wanted to play around have fun

(not much has changed there then)
Now our girl channels all of that  high level of energy into our SCRAP classes 
Morgans mantra for life is "I train to work hard, play hard, and punch harder" but with a smile on your face as big as hers!




I have been part of the Y R D 1 squad since its conception.  From the outset the vibe has been inspiring, energising and a very big part of my life.  I really enjoy the R E - C Y C L E classes, but never imaged I would achieve what I have now when I first started!  The classes are so uplifting and inspiring you actually can't wait to book the next one.  The S C R A P classes are like nothing you would have experienced before in our area set in a moody environment a definite must for anyone to try and not become hooked on!

Laura Harrison

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